Strategic Initiative Fund Requests

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

As noted in the October 15, 2012, budget update, $175,000 in additional funding was added to the College’s current year operating budget for strategic initiatives. The College’s Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC), which is tasked with recommending the use of these funds to the Cabinet and president, has recommended that these additional strategic initiative funds be utilized for one-time technology infrastructure improvement costs. The president and Cabinet have accepted this recommendation, and plans are underway to utilize these funds for technology infrastructure improvements before the end of the fiscal year on June 30, 2013.

Since these additional funds are being used for one-time technology infrastructure improvements, they will be available for reallocation in the next fiscal year. The IEC has therefore decided to combine these funds with an expected allocation for strategic initiatives to be included in next year’s operating budget, which is scheduled to be approved by the Board of Trustees on January 25, 2013.    

Requests for next year’s strategic initiative funds should be discussed with your department head and/or dean and vice provost, who should then submit these requests to the appropriate supervising vice president or the provost no later than February 1, 2013. Strategic Initiative Funds are expected to be awarded by March 31, 2013, following review and deliberations by the IEC, Cabinet and president.

Additional information about the request process including the process for the prioritization of requests is provided below. 


Beth Dobkin               Pete Michell

Provost                        Vice President for Finance

Prioritizing Requests for Strategic Initiative Funds

Request Process: All requests for Strategic Initiative Funds (SIF) should be submitted in writing to the supervising vice president or provost. Requests should provide a detailed justification that addresses each of the prioritization factors listed below, as applicable. Requests should also provide a prioritization of elements, as applicable, and an indication if the request can be partially funded or funded in phases. Finally, requests should indicate if they are of a “one-time” or recurring nature and if there are alternative funding sources available, including operating budget reallocations or dedicated revenues. 

Once a request is reviewed and approved by the supervising vice president or provost, it shall be submitted to the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) for review and ranking based on the prioritization factors listed below. Once prioritized, requests shall be forwarded to the president’s Cabinet for final funding decisions.

Prioritization Factors: The IEC will utilize five factors to rank requests for SIF. Each of the five factors shall receive 1 to 10 points, with 0 points being no alignment with the factor and 10 points being high alignment with the factor. The IEC presumes approval of the priorities in the absence of overriding circumstances identified in the president’s Cabinet. The prioritization process is to be followed by a campus communication each year regarding strategic priorities (e.g., an announcement by the president or in the campus Bulletin) and an annual report to the IEC about the results of funds expended.


  1. Advancing Strategic Plan Objectives*
  2. Enhancing Academic Excellence
  3. Enhancing Student Success
  4. Potential for Resource Enhancement
  5. Building Capacity Consistent with Institutional Objectives and WASC Standards

*Strategic objectives are those stated in the BOS Strategic Plan and in related planning initiatives, such as the Academic Blueprint.