Latest Progress Update

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Major Outcomes from 2015 and 2016

Goal 1: Raise the Academic Profile and Distinction

Goal 2: Support the Student Lifecycle

Goal 3: From De La Salle to Lasallian

  • Launched the Mission Leadership Team. The cross-functional team has been working on four initiatives: Lasallian research conference focused on poverty and marginality (April 2016); Mission integration and education opportunities customized for departments (ongoing); a Tripartite Mission symposium (August 2016); and a Vocational Retreat for faculty and staff (June 2016).
  • Expanded and created new formation programs, including Mini Buttimer, book conversations, Lasallian Research Symposia, and vocational retreats. 
  • Increased collaborative work with other Lasallian universities through IALU engagement and faculty exchanges.
  • Restructured Mission and Ministry Center to more fully integrate curricular, co-curricular, interfaith work, Lasallian Service Internship, and living-learning communities. 
  • The College achieved the Silver STARS rating for sustainability and will be working toward the gold designation through the implementation of a 24-month sustainability plan.
  • Hired Sustainability Coordinator and greatly expanded efforts to support sustainability. 

Goal 4: Prioritize Facilities and Footprint

Goal 5: Get the Message Out

  • After conducting an institutional branding assessment, in fall 2016 SMC launched a two-year external marketing campaign that highlights the College as a top-tier institution of higher education..
  • A new website launched in April 2016. The new site will more robustly support the College’s recruitment and fundraising objectives.
  • Hired a marketing manager to support enrollment marketing and institutional identity.  
  • Deeper impact of marketing: increased impressions, website uses, and clicks to specific pages. 

Goal 6: Ensure Saint Mary’s Financial Stability

  • Five-year strategic enrollment plan completed.    
  • The financial aid philosophy was approved by the Board of Trustees at its October 2015 meeting.
  • Formed strategic planning committee for intercollegiate athletics and completed strategic plan.
  • Implemented staff workforce planning and tested it successfully in two departments. 
  • Performance appraisal completion has reached 90% versus 75%.
  • Board of Trustees endorsed minimum giving expectations and 100% participation.
  • The Regents' by-laws were redeveloped and their sole focus is building a culture of philanthropy.
  • Alumni Engagement has developed an outcomes-based metric based on loyalty, connection, and giving with a current baseline of 20% of alumni currently participating and a 10-year goal of reaching 51% of all alumni participating in one of the metrics.
  • Our annual fund was redesigned with a focus on meeting institutional goals (unrestricted operating dollars.)  
  • The scope of our fundraising goals has been increased.