Student Board member Reports by Adriana Flores

Advisory Board for the Center for First Generation to College Studies

New Board Members for Center

Left to Right: Courtney C. Lohmann, Angelica Garcia, Phylis Martinelli,
Sandra Mattar, Adriana Flores, Frances Sweeney, Anna
Novakov, Carole Swaine

As a student representative of the advisory board for the Center for First Generation to College students, I found our first meeting informative and inspiring. As the only student in the room, it is was quite intimidating to be surrounded by faculty and staff, but once we all introduced ourselves and started talking it became a very comfortable atmosphere. I was delighted to see that many faculty at Saint Mary’s College care about the well-being of First Generation College students and their futures. I had never thought about the difficulties of being the first of your family to attend college until I took Professor Martinelli’s course, “Setting the Foundation: First Generation to College Students”, and learned that many first-generation college students have to overcome many obstacles while in college.

As a First-Generation college student, I understand the struggles, fears, and stress that come from being the first one in your family to attend college. I believe the Center for First Generation College students will not only be academically helpful, but also provide students with the readjustment period that happens throughout college. What really stood out to me was the mission statement for the Center for First Generation to College that states, “The Center for First Generation to College Studies is dedicated to appreciating, understanding, and improving the educational experience for the First Generation College Student.” This statement gives me hope that the Center for First Generation to College Studies can be a successful organization that will help future Saint Mary’s College students. In our meeting we discussed how the Center would provide students with additional help that includes: outreach for students and families, awareness of all campus activities, and having a website that offers a monthly newsletter and biographies of Saint Mary’s First Generation College students. As a group, we hope the center for First Generation to College Studies enhances the richness and Lasallian tradition that is honored at Saint Mary’s.
-Adriana M. Flores

*The next Board meeting is Wednesday May 2nd.