AS Registered Student Organization Criteria

 The following criteria are required for continued registration as an Associated Students student organization. These metrics are mostly built into student org processes or tracked through Presence. Contact your SEAL if you have questions or concerns about how your org can meet these requirements.

  1. Must plan and hold at least (3) events per semester with at least 5 student attendees. Must use Presence to check students in to complete this credit. 

  2. Must collaborate/co-host with at least one other student organization for one of their required events per year. 

  3. Must send president and treasurer or designees to attend or view Student Org Orientation and hold at least two (2) meetings with their SEAL.

  4. Must have a committed president and treasurer or equivalent before the allocation application deadline. 

  5. Must notify SIL of new officers via Presence Allocation Registration Form by the deadline