Accommodation Requests

The following information may serve as a guide to help you request accommodations through the SMC Student Disability Services (SDS) office.  Accommodation requests are evaluated on an individual basis.

Accommodation Request Process


Current students who are renewing accommodations for the next term:

If you already registered with our office, please sign in to the SDS portal using your SMC login and password to request your accommodations for the next upcoming term.  Accommodations can be requested on the day after the previous term ends and can only be requested one term in advance.  

  • Go to the SDS portal and Log In,  then choose "Select Accommodations for Your Class".  Choose each course you would like to use your approved accommodations in.
    • Note: Only classroom accommodation will appear.  Non-classroom accommodations you have sent up through the SDS office will be processed by SDS staff members.
  • Click "Continue to Customize your Accommodations".
  • For each course, choose the approved accommodations listed that you would like to have in place for the course.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Submit Your Accommodation Requests".

Need additional information or help?  View a video tutorial of the process to renew accommodations by clicking here.


Students who are not yet registered with SDS:

Students with disabilities who have not yet registered with SDS can start their request for services by logging on to the SDS Application site.  

Connecting with SDS to request reasonable accommodations is a simple process. Please read this information to learn more about documentation and other campus resources. 

Complete the SDS New Student Application online.  Have your SMC login and password available. Expect to spend between 5 and 15 minutes filling out the New Student Application.

1) Provide requested Personal Information, Contact Information, local and permanent address, indicate your disability type(s) and add any additional information if needed in the "Other Disability or Note" section, enter your degree and major if known, and the additional demographic information requested.

2) Indicate Prior Accommodations you have received.  Please mark any accommodations you received in high school or received at another college.

You will be asked to Request Accommodations at SMC.  Indicate in this area what accommodations you would like to request at SMC.  Please note that your requests should line up with what your diagnosing professional is recommending and/or be reasonable to the disability you are disclosing.

3) Answer the Questions at the end of the New Student Application.

4) Submit the New Student Application.  Please note you can not save your responses and come back later.  Once submitted, you will receive an email to confirm we have received your submission.

5) You will be prompted to upload documentation about your disability and/or past use of accommodations that will assist SDS in considering your request.  Have your diagnosing professional fill out the Request for Documentation of Disability form and submit any additional disability/accommodation documentation you have available.

  • Scan your documentation and upload the file(s) after completing the request form.  Please note there is a 3MB limit on each file.  If you have more than 6-10 pages, you may need to break it into multiple uploads.
    • Call (925) 631-4358 if you have questions or difficulty with file upload.

  • Helpful information to submit as documentation may include the following.  Please see below for more detailed descriptions:
    • Copy of the SMC Request for Documentation of Disability form filled out by your Diagnosing Professional 
    • Additional medical records
    • Psychoeducational test reports
    • School records

      Note: Accommodations are not retroactive. A student with appropriate documentation and approval of SDS staff is entitled to services/accommodations from that date forward. It is important to request academic accommodations each semester.

Additional descriptions of documentation: 
  • Learning Disability documentation usually consists of a psychoeducational evaluation which has been scored on adult normed assessments and has been completed by a psychologist, learning specialist, or other qualified individuals. Documentation includes the most recent date of evaluation, diagnostic testing, diagnosis/disability, description of functional limitations, and accommodation recommendations. For the purposes of determining eligibility, Attention Deficit Disorders and similar conditions are most often classified as learning disabilities.
  • Physical/Medical Disability consists of the treating physician’s assessment of the condition, diagnosis/disability, permanent or temporary status of the condition, chronic or intermittent nature of the condition, expected frequency and duration of symptoms, description of functional limitations, and recommendations. If the disability is deemed to be temporary, an expected recovery time frame is included. Medical disability documentation may need to be updated according to institutional policy.
  • Psychological Disability documentation has been written by the treating psychiatrist/psychologist or other qualified professional. Diagnosis and/or symptoms, expected course of symptoms, and functional limitations are noted.  Psychological disability documentation may need to be updated periodically.

Once you have completed the SDS New Student Application, please expect contact from the SDS office within a week after you complete the form.

  • Call SDS (925) 631-4358 with questions or issues filling out the application form or uploading documentation.