Academic Support Workshops

Need help learning how to manage your time?  Feeling anxious about your test-taking strategies?  Want to improve how you take notes?  Not sure which major to declare? Come to one of our workshops!

We provide workshops for classes, student groups, and individual students on academic support strategies such as Major Exploration Strategies, Time Management, Study Skills I (Note-Taking and Test-Taking Strategies), and Study Skills II (Setting SMART goals and Study Groups). These workshops are designed as interactive  sessions for students to be able to implement the academic planning strategies that best meet their needs.

Major Exploration: Declaring a major can be one of the most stressful decisions a college student can make.  This workshop guides students in exploring majors, determining which majors meet their educational and personal goals, and with the resources to further explore or declare a major.

Time Management: Managing time effectively is consistently cited by students as one of their greatest challenges in transitioning into higher education.  This workshops seeks to raise students' awareness of both how they are currently using their time and how they can more effectively manage their time.

Study Skills I:  This workshop provides students with the opportunity to asses their learning and multiple intelligences, while focusing on note-taking and test-taking strategies.

Study Skills II:  This workshop will introduce students to SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic, Timely) Goals as academic planning strategies, as well as how to run an effective study group. 

For additional information on academic support strategies, please go to Tutorial and Academic Skills Center.