Success Coaching

Each student at Saint Mary's College of California is assigned a Success Coach for all four years of their journey.  These professional staff members are educated and trained to assist you in making the most out of your collegiate experience.

Here in Student Engagement and Academic success, our motto for each of our students is: Connect! Thrive! Succeed!

  • Connect: holistic coaching considers important areas leading to satisfaction both inside and outside the classroom
  • Thrive: active student engagement fosters connections and a sense of belonging
  • Succeed: GAELS for Life! Finding meaningful ways to contribute an succeed at SMC and beyond

What is Coaching All About?

During individualized coaching sessions, Success Coaches work with students to ensure their academic, personal, and social growth and development.  Students have the opportunity to explore what is on their mind guided by their Success Coach and leave the meeting with an idea, a motivation, a goal, a plan of action and/or a greater sense of clarity. Coaches work closely with academic advisors and other resources across campus to support students in achieving their goals. Our Success Coaches work with students in the following areas in order to help them maximize their college experience:

  • Improving effectiveness in and out of the classroom
  • Connecting students to the campus community
  • Building leadership skills
  • Creating balance and managing stress
  • Boosting self-confidence and developing goals for the future
  • Many others!