The Senate serves as liaisons on behalf of the undergraduate student body to create positive campus-wide change by attending to the student needs, promoting clubs and organizations, and collaborating with the students and administration. The Senate is composed of one Chair, one Vice Chair, and three Senators from each class.

Class of 2018


Chair: Sami Coale
  • Major: JCL-TFT with a minor in history
  • Initiative(s): Handbook plurality and clarity


Senator: Davina Runkaputi

  • Major: Anthropology with a minor in Ethnic Studies
  • Initiative(s): Senior Week 


Senator: Julia Hoessl

  • Major: Politics with a minor in Italian
  • Initiative(s): Senior Week, Parking, and 24 Hour Campus

Senator: Dino Tenorio

  • Major: Psychology
  • Initiative(s): Third party food vendors and charging stations

Senator: Kimberly Paschal

  • Major: Accounting
  • Initiative(s): Enhancing community and making lasting memories

Class of 2019

Chair: Emily Gisler

  • Major: Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies
  • Initiative(s): Increasing campus safety resources, creating a sanctuary campus, and promoting activism


Senator: Angelica Moreira

  • Major: JCL with a double minor in Ethnic Studies and Women's and Gender Studies
  • Initiative(s): Inclusivity, diversity, parking, F.Y.A.C., and seminar


Senator: Alexis Bustamante

  • Major: Psychology
  • Initiative(s): Sexual Assault awareness


Vice Chair: Kim Nguyen

  • Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Data Analytics
  • Initiative(s): Increased student involvement and getting students to stay on campus


Senator: Danielle Bourque

  • Major: Kinesiology
  • Initiative(s): Communication between faculty and students

Class of 2020


Chair: Andres Orozco

  • Major: Politics and Ethnic Studies
  • Initiative(s): 24 hour campus, increase BIRT awareness


Senator: Anjelika Angosta

  • Major: Business Administration with a double concentration in Digital Media and Business Analytics
  • Initiative(s): 24 hour campus

Senator: Sophie Cipolla

  • Major: English with a minor in Performing Arts and Spanish
  • Initiative(s): Sustainability and student involvement


Senator: Dante Fregoso

  • Major: Economics with a minor in theatre 
  • Initiative(s): 24 hour campus, increase student involvement, more Flex Dollar options

Senator: Angy Sainez

  • Major: Business Administration and Psychology
  • Initiative(s): 24 hour campus

Class of 2021


Chair: Kimberly Wesley

  • Major: Psychology 
  • Initiative(s): More walk-in appointments to the Health and Wellness Center


Senator: Drew Holt

  • Major: Marketing and Data Analytics
  • Initiative(s): Increase awareness of club events 


Senator: Sean Prasad

  • Major: Politics
  • Initiative(s): Wildfire relief


Senator: Annika Oledan

  • Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Business Analytics and Digital Media
  • Initiative(s): Extending Oliver Hall dining hours on weekends and increasing clarity regarding Endowed Scholarships


Senator: Erica Wilson

  • Major: Politics and Women's and Gender Studies with a minor in music 
  • Initiative(s): Increasing Flex Dollar options and increasing SCAR presentations 













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