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Associated Students Senate 2015-2016
The Senate serves as liaisons on behalf of the undergraduate student body to create positive campus-wide change by attending to the student needs, promoting clubs and organizations, and collaborating with the students and administration. The Senate is composed of one Chair, one Vice Chair, and three Senators from each class.


Class of 2017
Chair: Paula Dulce

Vice Chair: Feroez Chinkonsung


Morgan Faulkner

Frances Fontanilla

Evelyn Rumsby


Class of 2018

Chair: Frances Guerrero-Garcia

Vice Chair: Sami Coale


Victor Jaimes

Daniella Santana

Open Position!*


*If you are interested in joining the Junior Class Senate please e-mail [email protected] for more information*


Class of 2019

Chair: Alexis Bustamante

Vice Chair: Cary Feldman


Megan Crain*

Rob Gonzalez

Courtney Martin


*Senator Crain will be traveling to Spain in Spring and needs someone to take her place. Please e-mail [email protected] for more information*


Class of 2020
Chair: Andres Orozco
Vice Chair: Angy Sainez
Amaray Alvarez
Valente Araiza
Gian Pancipanci