Student Highlight: Daniel Sheets BA '19, MA '21

In 2019, Daniel Sheets earned his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Health and Human Performance, at Saint Mary's College. He immediately started pursuing his master’s degree in our Graduate Kinesiology program. Dan also played on the SMC’s Men’s Basketball team for five consecutive seasons giving him first-hand experience as Division I student-athlete.

Thanks to his leadership skills, his relationship with the players as well as the coaching staff, he was selected to be the team's Graduate Assistant in the summer of 2020, his first major step in pursuing a career in coaching college basketball. His main duties include film breakdown, collecting statistics related to team performance, organizing team meals and nutrition, academic scheduling, and facilitating workouts for players. Taking into account his aspirations to become a head coach at the collegiate level, this position is ideal for him to continue to grow as a coach on the floor.

About four years ago, Sheets also started his own basketball training business from the ground up. He started with just one kid and currently has over 120 kids participating in the Lamorinda community, helping them develop their basketball skills from a young age.