Student Leadership Celebration Dinner

Division of Student Life recognized over fifty student leaders at a celebration dinner on Tuesday, May 10th. The celebration was for students who held leadership roles in clubs, organizations, and department offices. Jim Sciuto, AVP & Interim Dean of Students, spoke with gratitude for these students by saying, “There is something different in you, a drive to give back and create change, To create and to inspire,” and mentioned with appreciation the countless hours and navigation though department processes they endured. 

Student Leadership Awards were given to each recipient below and were recognized on stage and presented with the award.

Resiliency Award is given by CCIE + CWGE to Maya Patel, who has shown consistent creativity and resourcefulness along with a collaborative spirit in working with departments and organizations.

The Rising Star Award was given to first-year students who have exemplified outstanding leadership. The recipients included Jose Alvarado, Ryan Barbosa, David Coleman, Reeya Dharmahikari, Allison Edwards, Bianca Rubio Garcia, Nathan Kobell, Samuel Leitch, and Amana Williams.

The Luminary Award was given to students who have exemplified outstanding leadership and/or involvement during their first two years at Saint Mary's. Recipients included Hannah Bartley, Kristen Dougherty, Emma Duarte, Grace Farris, Isabella Gutierrez, Amanda Hofmann, Hannah Holt, Kira Minaise, Lenin O’Mahony, Jared Ralleta, Annie Stearns, and Teddi Thiele-Sardina.

The Program of the Year Award is given to a program or event that has positively impacted the student experience and promoted the Lasallian core principles. 

This year’s recipient of the Virtual Program of the Year was originally supposed to be in-person but quickly pivoted in January to be an online program his year’s virtual program of the year to Gaels for Trafficking Justice, sponsored by the Intercultural Center for Women & Gender Equity and the CARE Center, created, lead and moderated be Lenin O’Mahony.

In-Person Program of the Year was designed to celebrate and create stronger bonds within the Saint Mary’s community. This year the APASA Night Market was recognized.

The Student Organization of the Year Award was given to a student-driven group that has exemplified outstanding leadership, involvement in the Saint Mary’s Community, and commitment to its mission. Southern Asian Society was the recipient of this award.

The Friend of Student Life Award went to an employee of the College that is not a part of Student Life. This individual goes out of their way to support, help, and active presence at many Student Life-sponsored programs, events, activities, and training. Amaury Avalos, of The Advising Office, received this award.

The Groundbreaker Award recognized groups or individuals who have continuously provided imaginative and creative solutions to increase student engagement. 

Bradley Gibson has worked tirelessly for veterans since the moment he stepped foot on campus.

Remy Zerber is very involved on campus despite whatever challenges she may face. During this year’s BASH, she utilized technology to present a set that challenged how we think about different abilities. 

Connor Moss was instrumental in rethinking how we could use technology to create ways for new students to connect and engage with each other.

Expressions of Blackness Executive Team, this award is a group of students that inspired other student groups with their persistence and thoughtfulness. 

Leading for Change Award was given to students who work for change and understand that leadership's goal is to impact one’s community positively.

Hailey Hogarty has gone above and beyond as Vice President of Finance for Associated Students. 

Jared Pingue is described as a steadfast leader. His calm presence, attention to detail, and connection to his community have shaped how young leaders see themselves. 

The Unsung Hero Award was given to students who work very hard behind the scenes and are rarely in the spotlight.

Molly Schmidt has been instrumental in helping Student Involvement & Leadership move and survive.

Ishita Valluru, graphic designer for the Intercultural Center. She highlights events and programs, enticing student attendance through creative visuals and catchy fonts.

Dominic Monaldo, the producer for Men’s Rugby Game live stream, learned how to operate a high-tech device that streams videos, organizing the equipment, cameras, and staffing needed for the production.

The Brother Dominic Berardelli Lasallian Leadership Award is given to a student who exemplifies one or more of the Lasallian Core Principles through their leadership and involvement. This year’s recipient was Sarah Rosasco. She has advocated for students, negotiated with senior staff, and developed an empathetic way of leading. 

The Student Leader of the Year Award is given to a Junior or Senior student who has exemplified outstanding leadership by mentoring other students, demonstrating service to the Saint Mary's community, and creating engagement opportunities. This year's recipient was Maya Patel, who is deeply involved in various activities across campus. In addition to serving as an officer of the Southern Asian Society, a class representative, a leader in SCAAR, and a Resident Advisor. Maya has been a leader since she stepped foot on campus and has touched the lives of many. 

Anthony Garrison-Engbrecht, Vice President of Student Life, closed off the night by asking all the graduating Seniors to stand and be recognized for their determination and creativity to maintain student engagement and a sense of community on our campus.