About the Waitlist

Students who participated in the online room selection process and do not receive housing assignments will have their applications in StarRez be automatically converted to a "waitlist" status.

Waitlist Process

If you do not receive housing during the room selection process, your application will automatically be on the waitlist after room selection. If you do not wish to be on the waitlist, you will need to inform Campus Housing to cancel your on campus housing application for the 2016-2017 academic year.

The waitlist will be maintained in the Campus Housing Office throughout the entire summer. When spaces become available, students will be contacted based on the order of the waitlist, via phone and SMC e-mail addresses.

Once housing in offered, students are generally given 48 hours to accept or decline.

Once a room assignment is made and accepted, the $350 non-refundable housing deposit is due to the Business Office.  After paying the deposit, a proof of receipt should to be given to the Campus Housing Office in order to secure the room.

Also, if you find off-campus housing or decide not to return for the upcoming Fall term, please advise the Campus Housing Office in writing immediately per the instructions on the Residence Hall and Dining Services License. For further assistance, Campus Housing Office publishes an Off-Campus Housing List that is available to the Saint Mary’s College community via the Brickpile Discussion Board