2019 Spring Interim Stay & Summer Housing

Thank you for your interest in interim stay and summer housing at Saint Mary's College! 


Interim Stay: Any student living on campus enrolled in the Spring 2019 semester will be eligable for interim stay, but must recieve approval from Campus Housing.

Summer Housing: Any student enrolled in the Spring semester prior to summer or Fall Semester following the summer is eligible for on campus housing during the summer.

How To Apply/Request:

The 2019 Interim Stay & Summer Housing Application will be available April 1, 2019 - May 15, 2019.

Please keep in mind that on campus housing for summer is limited and based on availability. Summer Housing is assigned first come first serve, based on the date and time of application submission.

Interim Stay Dates and Costs:

All students who wish to stay on campus after move-out, 12pm on May 24, 2019, will have to complete the 2019 Interim Stay & Summer Housing Application. 

Requests will not be accepted after May 15th. All requests recieved after May 15th will recieve a $50 late fee. Students who are not assisting with undergraduate or graduate commencement will incur a rental charge per night and is based on the current residence assignment.

Maximum Interim Stay Dates

  Spring 2019 - Interim Stay Only Spring 2019 - Graduation - Interim Stay Only Full Interim Stay Interim Stay - Summer Housing
Dates: Students may request interim stay starting after 12pm May 24th. Students must check out by 12pm May 28th.  Graduating students may request extended interim stay after 12pm May 26th, but must check out by 12pm May 28th.  Students with a Spring 2019 room assignment approved for Summer Housing may request full interim stay starting 12pm May 24th and will recieve the Interim Stay rates through June 2nd. All approved Summer Housing students who elected to move off campus the week of May 24th or do not have a Spring 2019 assignment may request Interim Stay 12pm May 28th - 12pm June 1st. 

*Students on campus who are approved for summer housing will move to their summer assignment the weekend of May 24, 2019.

Interim Stay Rates: Traditional style room or Suite style room: $35/night; Townhouse style room: $40/night. 

Summer Housing Dates & Costs:

Approved summer residents who live off campus move in date is June 2nd from 9am - 12pm

Prices in costs will be determined by which room type you receive.

Students will be charged the approrpiate weekly room rate by the number of weeks as indicated by expected check-out date on the 2019 Late Stay & Summer Housing Application.

Students who move-out prior indicated check-out date will recieve a $100 early termination fee. 

Summer Housing Costs:

Room Type




Weekly Rate   $138   $118   $104


Maximum Summer Housing Dates:

  Spring '19 - Fall '19 (All Summer) Spring '19 - Summer '19 Summer '19 - Fall '19 Summer '19 Only
Dates Students with a Fall '19 room assignment staying all summer will be charged a weekly summer rate from June 2nd - August 24th. Students may elect to check into summer housing May 31st. The last day a student may check out of Summer Housing is July 12th.  Students with a Fall '19 room assignment may check into summer housing June 2nd. The last day to check into Summer Housing is July 29th.  Students without a Spring '19 room assingment and Fall '19 room assingment must check-out no later than 12pm July 12th. 


*Summer students with a Fall 2019 room assingment will transition to their Fall 2019 room assignment starting August 12th. 

Meal Plans: Students in Summer Housing will not be required to have a meal plan. Students will have access to the kitchens on the 1st and 2nd floor lounges of Claeys Hall North.

Meal plan rates will be provided within the coming weeks. 

Summer Residence Hall:

All summer residents will be housed in Claeys Hall North. This two-floor residence hall is located in the canyon area of campus and is a suite style building. 

Important Dates...

Students on campus who are approved for summer housing will move to their summer assignment the weekend of May 24, 2019.

Students off campus who are approved for summer housing will move into their summer assignment the weekend of May 31, 2019.