Canceling Housing


When applying for on-campus housing, every student acknowledges the terms and conditions of the Residence Hall and Dining Services License, which is a legally binding document effective for the entire academic year.

Procedure for Cancelling

Prior to the start of the Fall Semester (if you have not yet taken residence):

Per the Residence Hall & Dining Services License:

  • The $350 Housing Deposit is non-refundable.
  • Housing cancellations must be received by the Campus Housing Office on or before the student moves into their Fall room assignment.
  • Entire Fall semester fees will be forfeited by students who take residency (move onto campus) in and then terminate their licenses (move off campus). No refunds.

Withdrawal During the Fall and Spring Semester:

If a student wishes to cancel their housing assignment then they must complete the Housing Withdrawal Form. Please review the information below for the method of requesting to cancel your housing assignment which best applies to you.

Students may cancel their on-campus housing assignment using the “Housing Withdrawal” form for one of the approved reasons listed below:

  • Withdrawal from the College
  • Leave of absence from the College
  • Study abroad
  • Judicial removal from College housing
  • Transfer out of the College
  • Moving off campus – upper class

The Residence Hall and Dining Services License may be canceled prior to the start of the Spring term upon completion and submission of the Housing Withdrawal Form notice to the Campus Housing Office by Thursday, December 4, 2016.  Failure to provide notice by this date will result in a $450 late notification charge.  Once the Spring Term begins on Monday, February 13, 2017 you forfeit that term’s fees and there will be no refunds.

All check-out procedures must be followed including, but not limited to, scheduling a check-out appointment and returning the room key to your Resident Advisor on the last day the Fall Term.

In addition to room check-out procedures listed above, you must follow all SMC-Post Office procedures for the forwarding of mail and/or the closing of your campus P.O. Box at the end of the academic year or when you move off campus.  Failure to do so before moving off campus will result in additional charges.