Laundry Services

Laundry Services


Remote laundry monitoring is just one of the many ways that CSC Service Works applies the latest technology to make doing laundry easier and more efficient. Check the status of your laundry from your room computer or smartphone by visiting Access real-time information about washer and dryer availability, and receive text or e-mail alerts when laundry is done or machines become available.


Laundry machine use is included in the cost to live on campus. Therefore, laundry machines are free for use on campus by those students who live in residence halls!



Experiencing a problem?

If you experience a problem with a machine, please obtain the machine number & location, and report the problem to ASI Campus Laundry by visiting or calling 1-800-762-3452.

If you need to request a refund for a transaction in an inactive or broken machine, please fill out the online form and the vendor will process your request.

Laundry Room Locations:

There is a laundry room in each of these buildings:
Mitty, More, Augustine, Assumption, Aquinas, Ageno East, Ageno West, Sabatte, Siena, Syufy, Thille, Frietas, Guerrieri East, and Guerrieri West

There is a laundry room on each floor of these buildings:
Claeys North and South, Ageno A, B, & C