Office of Residential Experience

The Office of Residential Experience creates an on-campus home for students by developing a safe, engaging, and inclusive environment that supports residential student learning and emphasizes personal and social responsibility. Committed to the College's Catholic, Lasallian, and Liberal Arts traditions, Residential Experience intentionally fosters a living environment that promotes the academic, spiritual, emotional, and personal growth of each resident.  

As a result of living within the residence halls, residents will:

a) Have the ability to connect and feel a sense of belonging in community.

b) Increase self awareness and reflect on personal, social, and spiritual values.

c) Develop a sense of personal background and cultural contributions.

d) Gain an appreciation of others’ backgrounds and cultural contributions.

e) Understand campus and community standards and expectations.

f) Identify campus standards of inclusive excellence.

g) Engage in face-to-face communication.


The Office of Residential Experience shall maintain the following ethical standards:


  • Is committed to the Catholic, Lasallian, and Liberal Arts traditions of the College
  • Has an obligation to provide educational opportunities outside of the classroom to aid all residential students in supporting the student life-cycle through residence hall programming
  • Will foster student leadership and advocacy opportunities through the Resident Advisor Scholarship program and the Residence Hall Association
  • Will collaborate with staff, faculty, Christian Brothers, and other clergy directly in the halls to enrich the live-on experience for all residents

In addition to the ethical standards, the Office of Residential Experience also shares departmental values of:


C- Community

The Office strives to maintain inclusive excellence in on campus living environments through residents, Resident Advisors, and Resident Directors.

A- Academics

The Office provides student access to success within the halls through residence hall programming (educational, social, spiritual, etc.) and opportunities to interact with live-in faculty, staff, and clergy.

R- Responsibility

The Office strives to foster a living environment that helps students understand, appreciate, and respect others in practicing good tenants of model citizenship.

E- Engagement

We believe in the College's motto "Enter to learn, Leave to serve." We value equipping our students with the opportunities and tools to transform their own lives, the lives of fellow Gaels, and their communities.