Division of Student Life Leadership Team

We are committed to taking a personal approach to the student experience, building self-confidence, provide reasonable boundaries that encourage respect for the individual and individual difference while motivating critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and unparalleled creativity.

James Sciuto

Interim Vice President of Student Life 

925-631-4236 | jsciuto@stmarys-ca.edu | De La Salle 117 

Dai To 

Assistant Vice President for Wellness 

925-631-4254 | dlt4@stmarys-ca.edu | Ground floor Augustine Hall

Jennifer Herzog 

Assistant Vice President for the SMC Experience

925-631-4647 | jgh3@stmarys-ca.edu | Ground floor Augustine Hall

Beckie Harper 

Executive Director for Strategy, Planning & Operations/Director of Campus Recreation

925-631-6296 | rrh1@stmarys-ca.edu | JARC 106