Information as you prepare for Fall Term 2020

Dear Saint Mary’s Students, 

Saint Mary's continues to be guided by the CDC and Contra Costa Department of Health in the development of the expectations for opening this fall term. We want to share with you ten specific things that you can expect to be part of life when you arrive on campus.  We have identified those practices and actions that enable us to mitigate the risk of transmission of COVID-19, but cannot eliminate all risks.  We will continue to respond to the most current guidance and updates to help minimize the spread of illness on our campus and the greater community.  Your engagement and participation in these actions will be critical to our success.

The health and safety of our community is our priority as we navigate reopening campus during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will all be asked to make a personal commitment in the Gaels Wellness Pledge that requires each of us to act every day with intention to protect our own health and the health of the SMC Community.

All students, staff and faculty will be asked to complete the daily health screening aided by the LiveSafe App (health verification survey) before you leave your residence to go to campus.  While on campus, all community members will also be expected to wear a face covering and maintain physical distancing.  We will also be developing a visitors and guests policy in the coming days.  

The Health and Wellness Center will be prepared to test students who have COVID-19 symptoms and those who have had exposure to COVID-19. Campus Housing is planning for appropriate quarantine and isolation spaces for residential students who either test positive for COVID-19 or have been exposed to a suspected case of the illness.  Below is a summary of ten actions and practices that you should expect.

The well-being of the SMC Community relies on you. You will be able to review the most recent information that will include key COVID-19 facts and links to reliable sources on our website in the coming weeks.  Please stay connected to the SMC media channels for developing information.


We hope that you are remaining in good health and eager to engage in the Fall.


Jane Camarillo | Vice Provost for Student Life


Ten Things to Know Before You Arrive on Campus in Fall 2020

  1. Commit to the Wellness Pledge to confirm your awareness of College expectations related to COVID-19
  2. Complete the daily health screening with the LiveSafe app before you leave your residence.
  3. Wear face covering while indoors and outdoors according to public health guidelines.
  4. Maintain 6 feet distance from others in all campus buildings, dining venues, and outdoor spaces.
  5. Download the LiveSafe app to monitor and complete daily health screenings.
  6. This fall, the Health and Wellness Center will be prepared to test students who have COVID-19 symptoms, and those who have had exposure to COVID-19. 
  7. When exposed or positive test results from COVID-19, students will be required to quarantine or isolate based on Public Health guidelines and College policy.
  8. Contact tracing will be performed for any positive COVID-19 cases in collaboration with the Contra Costa Department of Health.
  9. Review information and resources that will include key COVID-19 facts and links to reliable sources in our website.
  10. For the health and safety of all students and other community members, we are developing a visitors and guests policy for any member of the public seeking to come to campus.