First-Year Advising Cohorts

Making the transition to college level academics is an exciting challenge for first year students.

From the moment you first begin, first-year students begin receiving support from a variety of different places. At Saint Mary’s, first-year students will work in a First-Year Advising Cohort class (FYAC), spearheaded by a faculty advisor who typically works in the student’s major of interest. All first-year students are automatically registered for this class when they begin the fall semester at Saint Mary's.

Throughout the first year, students in FYAC will learn about different resources available to them all across campus, while developing a four-year academic course plan, in addition to building lifelong relationships with other students in their cohort. Some FYAC professors have even taught their students to make pasta from scratch or have taken them on field trips throughout the entire Bay Area—you will never know what you are going to do or learn during your FYAC class!

Upon completion of the FYAC course, first-year students will earn a quarter credit (.25 credits) that will be added towards their degree completion.

If you have any specific questions about FYAC, please contact Academic Affairs