Senior Year Experience

 Senior Year Experience keeps all seniors updated on everything concerning senior year, from information about upcoming senior events to where to purchase a cap and gown and other graduation information. 

Every college student faces at least two critical transitions.

  • The transition into higher education where an abundance of attention is directed toward the orientation of new students into college.
  • And the transition from college to life after graduation, where relatively little attention has been given to seniors.

The most basic needs of seniors are for:

  • Opportunities for reflection on the meaning of the college experience
  • Integration and closure, and
  • Holistic facilitation and support of graduating students' transition to post college life

Source: Gardner & Van der Veer, 1998, p.7.

On most campuses, students do not receive sufficient support to help them meet these needs. Data collected from Saint Mary's College students indicate that this national trend is reflected on our campus quite precisely. Seniors express that they feel unprepared to face the many issues that arise during the senior year and desire assistance with the transition.

Source: Student Involvement and Leadership, Spring 2007.