Community Life Goals
  • Educate the campus community about the Code of Conduct:
    Students articulate and have knowledge of campus policies; and 
    The Code of Conduct is published and available in a variety of ways (online, disc, hard copies, through website).
  • Students make decisions that reflect the Lasallian principles of the College:
    Campus policies reflect the Lasallian principles of the College; and 
    Students are able to express the Lasallian principles of the College.
  • Support all constituents in the enforcement of the Code:
    Students are an active participant in the discipline process;
    Discipline proceedings are completed in a timely, effective and fair manner; and 
    Hearing Officers are consistently trained & updated on discipline proceedings.
  • Educate students about importance of being engaged in College community:
    Students engaged with Community Life articulate how being engaged with the College community is connected to their personal growth; and 
    Students are able to identify campus programs that support and promote their success as college students.
  • Reduce student misconduct: 
    Students make healthy decisions;
    Students demonstrate insight into how their conduct affects all aspects of their life; and 
    Students demonstrate a change in their negative conduct.
  • Students live in a healthy manner that encourages academic success and thriving lives as College students:
    Co-curricular programs encourage academic success;
    Peer Conduct Council provide leadership development.
  • Students build positive communities around campus and, specifically, within the Residence Halls:
    Students become actively engaged in campus activities and programs; and 
    Administrators and students work collaboratively to create a sense of community on campus.


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