Peer Conduct Council

Gain leadership skills while making a difference!

The Peer Conduct Council is a leadership program where you will gain skills in: peer conduct, peer education, leadership development, and shared expereinces.


We are currently accepting Applications for 2017-2018!

Please review our position description & requirements and Hiring Timeline before submitting your applicaiton through GaeLead.



Service on the Peer Conduct Council (PCC) is a challenging and satisfying way for students to enhance their academic experiences and serve the Saint Mary’s College community.  Council members gain valuable critical thinking, communication, leadership and time management skills that contribute to their growth and development while helping to foster an inclusive and socially just community.

The Peer Conduct Council is comprised of approximately fifteen (15) students. Community Life determines membership from applications submitted by students. Students may be recommended for application through the President of the Associated Students, Resident Advisors, faculty and/or staff. Students are interviewed, selected and trained to serve as a hearing officer for cases involving alleged policy violations.


Meet our Team!

Salma Zaragoza   

Salma Anali Zaragoza

Class of 2019

Hometown: Concord, CA

Major: Politics & JCL

Involvement/Activities: AS Judicial Tribunal Associate Justice, High Potential Program Peer Mentor, Student Organization Council Member

"Joining the Peer Conduct Council has helped me develop advocacy and communication skills; I am constantly learning how to best promote responsibility and awareness of the Student Handbook to my fellow peers."

Chantal Ysip

Chantal Marie C. Ysip

Class of 2019 

Hometown: Pittsburg, CA

Major: Ethnic Studies

Involvement/Activities: Peer Mentor for the High Potential Program, Social Media Ambassador for the Intercultural Center, and a contributing writer for the school's newspaper, The Collegian.

"I joined PCC because I thought it'd be a great opportunity to expand my leadership opportunities and gain leadership skills, while also promoting a safe campus community. It is also a great way to learn more about the Student Handbook and how to help my peers make safe choices."

PCC Headshot - Ines Sosa

Ines Sosa

Class of 2017

Hometown: Lathrop, CA

Major: Politics & Spanish with Women and Gender Studies minor

Involvement/Activities: Student Ambassador, Hermanas of Saint Mary's President, Alpha Mu Gamma President

"PCC has given me the leadership tools to interact with my peers in a way where I can be impartial and have a positive impact on their SMC experience."

PCC Headshot - Bianca Rubalcava

Bianca Rubalcava

Class of 2017

Major: Politics with a Women and Gender Studies minor

Involvement/Activities: Nanny, Marketing job, Tutor in Tutorial and Academic Success Center

"I wanted to help foster a more inclusive community on campus. Through this position, I have found a greater sense of campus responsibilty." 

PCC Headshot - Ryland Radanovich

Ryland Radanovich

Class of 2017

Hometown: Mariposa, CA

Major: Politics

Involvement/Activities: Personal Trainer, Lifeguard, US Marine

"I've learned how to bring a different perspective to the hearing process, and to help students learn where they may have made a wrong choice. I have gained valuable communication and critical thinking skills, unique to working along side peers on both sides of the hearing process."

Valeria Martin

Valeria Martin

Class of 2017

Hometown: Concord, CA

Major: Politics with a Communication minor

Involvement/Activities: Resident Advisor, AS Judicial Tribunal Chief Justice, Dean of Students Intern, Hermanas of Saint Mary’s Treasurer, Student Organizations Council Co-Chair, Registrar Representative

"I joined PCC because I wanted to make a positive  impact on our campus. Through this position I am able to be an ally to my peers and help them get through a difficult process while creating a safe environment for our community."


Breanna De' Leon

Class of 2018

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Major: Biochemistry

Involvement/Activities: High Potential Program, St. Luke's, Resident Advisor

"I joined PCC to get involved on campus and to learn more about the Student Handbook."

Brad Curran

Bradley Curran

Class of 2017

Hometown: San Clemente, California

Major: Economics

Involement/Activities: Treasurer of the Chess Club, Student Assistant for the Student Involvement and Leadership Office, member of both the Economics Club and the Investment Club 

"I joined the Peer Conduct Council to help my peers make better decisions with parties and ensure that they can party safely.  I have gained the training to be a responsible host and to ensure a safe and fun time for everyone."

Prianka Chaudry

Prianka Chaudhri

Class of 2017

Hometown: San Ramon, CA

Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, and Women’s and Gender Studies minor

Involvement/Activities:  Gender Justice leader at the Women's Resource Center

"I joined PCC because I wanted to work with other student leaders to create a campus that fosters inclusivity and social justice. Through my three years on PCC, I have enhanced my SMC experience and grown as a student leader"


Information about becoming a member of the Peer Conduct Council, click here or contact the Office of Community Life at 925-631-4238.


The Peer Conduct Council (PCC) is available to give peer-to-peer presntations about the Saint Mary's Undergraduate Handbook. Specifically regarding alcohol and drug violations and information on the Good Samaritan Policy.

To submit your request for a presentation, click here or contact the Office of Community Life at 925-631-4238.