Campus Assault Resources and Empowerment (CARE) Line: (925) 878-9207

The College's CARE Line is available to support students who have been affected by sexual assault or domestic violence. 

Students may access this line 24-hours a day, seven days a week by calling (925) 878-9207. Students can utilize the line in order to gather resources, learn their options for accessing medical and emotional care and to receive critical, time sensitive information about how to report their case on and off campus.

Members of the CARE Team are trained to assist victims by providing information and discussing available resources and options (medical, legal, emotional, and academic), by making referrals and providing access to appropriate College and community services as needed. Members of the CARE Team do not act as counselors.

Students who have questions regarding Title IX policies in the student handbook or believe that they or someone they know have experienced sexual assault, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, dating violence and/or stalking, may contact the CARE Team via text messaging or calling the 24 hour anonymous support line.  

In order to ensure that students have as many options as possible when utilizing the line, students who are unsure if they would like to move forward with an on-campus disciplinary hearing board case should not reveal their names.

When an individual contacts the CARE Line team, no College discipline action will take place unless the individual chooses to give her or his name and the details surrounding the incident. Any reports that include a victim’s name or alleged perpetrator’s name will be considered formal reports and will initiate college action.


  CARE Line