Reporting Sexual Assault

If a student believes a violation of the Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct Policy has occurred, there are several reporting options available.

Students may contact the Campus Assault Resources and Empowerment (CARE) Team for information about all available reporting options by calling (925) 878-9207. To report other forms of sexual harassment see the Policy Prohibiting, and Procedures for Reporting, Discrimination, Harassment, including Sexual, and Retaliation, page 55 of the Undergraduate Student Handbook.

To the College

All reports of alleged violations of this Policy will be investigated and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken regardless of whether a police report has been filed. The College will evaluate allegations of sexual assault and sexual misconduct and, when appropriate, will take disciplinary action in accordance with the student discipline process set forth in this Policy. All complaints must be made within: (a) 1 year of the date of the incident, and (b) prior to the actual physical receipt by the respondent of the terminal degree from the College. Reports can also be made directly to the Office of Public Safety or Director of Student Conduct. If the alleged perpetrator is an employee, reports should be made directly to the Director of Human Resources.

To the Police

If the individual wishes to file a police report, the College will provide assistance in contacting the police and accompanying her/him to the hospital and/or police station. Individuals will have access to support and referral services on-campus regardless of whether or not she/he decides to report the incident to the police. Individuals are strongly encouraged to have both a medical exam to ensure their well-being and a rape kit collected in order to gather forensic evidence.