Special Interest

Dante Club

The Dante Club brings the essence of Italian culture to Saint Mary's students through meetings, events and excursions off campus.


DiverseAbilities fosters a safe space for students both with and without disabilities to meet, connect, and share experiences. DiverseAbilities is dedicated to increasing awareness in the SMC community about the diverse strengths and needs among its student and seek to help and support people in an educational, engaging, and fun way. 

Dystopian Society

The Dystopian Society builds teamwork among participants by having them cooperate to solve problems in a futuristic and crumbling society where members cannot succeed without the assistance of others.

International Club

The International Club promotes international understanding and communication through social and educational activities. Members participate in an international fair where students join together to share food, music and dance from many cultures around the world.

Japanese Pop Culture Club (JPop)

JPop highlights knowledge and raises awareness of Japanese culture through various forms of media, activities, and field trips. 

The Lounge

The Lounge provides an open mic night and forum that strives to be a safe place for students to express themselves through music, art, spoken word, dance, or any other artistic form.

Meditation Club 

The Meditation Club strives to help control the stress of students and create a peaceful environment through meditation sessions.

Peer Health Exchange (PHE)

PHE is a national non-profit organization that trains college students to teach a comprehensive health curriculum in public high schools that lack health education.

SMC Unplugged

SMC Unplugged aims to increase awareness of the nature that surrounds us and the
opportunity for exploration by escaping technological connections as they prevent us from
connecting with each other and narrow our world view. SMC Unplugges travels to several locations a
month and discuss how technology limits us and begin to unplug and reconnect.

Urban Farmers 

Urban Farmers, an affiliation with the non-profit Urban Farmers, allows students to become activists of food justice and security by engaging with their local community, providing for food banks, and ensuring that food harvested in local backyards do not go to waste.