Student Profile: Kendra Capece

Kendra CapeceKendra Capece began her journey at Saint Mary’s College with a purpose in mind, to explore her passions. She wanted to continue making a difference in her own life but also in the lives of others.

Kendra, who is from Benicia, had a Catholic service upbringing. Both of her parents work for nonprofit organizations. Helping others was always in Kendra’s mind but she didn’t discover how until a high school friend dragged her into an Amnesty International meeting during her freshman year. After realizing all the injustice in the world, Kendra vowed that she would “never be blind to these things.”

Throughout her four years at Saint Mary’s, Kendra has sprinkled her love of life into every club, activity and challenge she’s been involved in. In her freshman year, she began the process of creating her own major. which combines politics, sociology and communications with an emphasis on social justice and global issues.

There is little that Kendra has not done at Saint Mary’s. She’s been part of the Campus Activities Board, Mission and Ministry and CILSA. She has spent time in West Oakland and San Francisco doing advocacy work and homeless outreach, as well as in Rome being a part of Stand Against Genocide. However, she hopes her latest project will be her legacy at Saint Mary’s. [SUP] port Justice, Students United for Peace, was created last spring along with Brian Shaw to address and bring awareness to social justice issues. On a campus that prides itself on social justice, Kendra saw a need to get more students involved in this effort. The club does so in numerous ways, like What [SUP] Wednesday where students talk to other students about important issues. More immediately [SUP] port Justice will focus on bringing attention to the famine in East Africa with an upcoming project called “Five Days of Fighting Famine.”

Being a senior, Kendra is both excited and nervous to embark on a new path of exploration. She remembers being told as a freshmen that the next four years were a time to explore, certainly something Kendra has achieved. After graduation, she hopes to intern in Africa, working for a nongovernmental organization or doing global advocacy work and international development. One of her favorite quotes is Mother Teresa’s — “Peace begins with a smile.” Kendra is a living example of what it means to explore and how far a smile can take you.