Student Receives Yellow Ribbon of Excellence From National Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society

Saint Mary's College junior Dustin Becker has won a yellow ribbon of excellence from the prestigious, national Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society. Becker conducted his research with Fletcher Jones Professor of Biology Gerard Capriulo last summer and presented his work in November at the annual Sigma Xi Symposium on undergraduate student scientific research.

Becker's work was titled "Nested symbiosis in the aggregating sea anemone Anthopleura elegantissima: the anemone, algae, cyanobacterial connection." Student entries were judged for their content and contribution to new knowledge as well as the student's ability to verbally explain and defend their work to a national panel of scientists. Their were three levels of awards: superior, excellent and honorable mention. Most of the works at the symposium received no award. Becker received the yellow ribbon for excellence for his presentation and work.

-- by Debra Holtz
College Communications