Student Spotlight: Vinci Chan

Meet Vinci Chan from Hong Kong, China. Vinci's art, "The Blue World" was selected as the International Art Winner of the 2016-17 contest and has been published in the much anticipated 2016-2018 River of Words anthology of children's art and poetry.

In April of 2018, Vinci participated in a student spotlight interview, in which he told us about what inspires him, the story of "The Blue World," and much more.

Vinci Chan 2018Q: What is your current age? 

A: My current age is 8 years old


Q: How do you like being eight years old? 

A: I like being eight years old because I like to read books and play, and I also like animals.


Q: What kind of animals do you like?

A: All of them! 


Q: How did you begin creating & what do you enjoy about creating? 

A: I enjoy creating the animals, the plants, and all the things, the branches… so the snakes can climb.


Q: Do you remember the first time you created art?

A: Yes, I remember. I added leaves and flowers and butterflies and other plants.


Q: Do you like creating art that relates to nature?

A: Yes, I really like it because I like animals and plants! 


Q: What kind of things do you like to paint in nature? The blue World

A: Plants and animals, they are very cool because I get to meet them and see them by painting them, because some of the animals I never saw before.


Q: Tell me about "The Blue World" What inspired you? What were you thinking about when you created it? 

A: I was inspired to create it to protect the earth’s water, and all of the earth’s good things. I was thinking about that I needed to make nature, like orangoutangs and different types of plants. And my mom picked the blue sheet for me, so I could paint because the contest is called the River of words.


Q: How do learn about all the animals that you paint?

A: I actually know them all! I plan to open a zoo when I grow up. All zoo’s and aquariums can help animals through conservation, of course! 


Q: What does being a watershed explorer mean to you? (watershed explorer: someone exploring their watershed / the environment where they live)

A: I explore the plants and all the nature here inside, and when I explore outside, sometimes it will be breezy and sometimes it will be hot, like a desert. I think different kinds of weather can lead to different kinds of places, like how it’s hot in the desert. 


Q: How did you find out about river of words? 

A: I find River of Words to be interesting and good because it’s a program to save nature and save earth. My mom told me about River of Words. She said we need to inspire River of Words and protect the earth. I really feel strongly about protecting the earth.


Q: Why do you want to protect the earth?

A: A lot of people are doing damages.


Q: What is some advice you'd give another young person who wants to create art?

A: I would give them advice to protect earth and nature and other stuff with their art. So they can paint to show the earth, and paint their picture very nicely, like the earth that is protected.


Q: What is your advice to other young people who want to get involved or learn more about their watershed/environment?

A: This is an easy one! I’ll tell them a lot of people are damaging earth and destroying the animal’s habitat. So I’ll say that we need to protect them. Earth is a good planet. Don’t destroy it, or else it will go sick! 


Q: What sort of things do you think about when you create your art?

A: I think about earth. I think about all its good plants, good animals, good people, and all its good nature, and all its good weather. I like sunny weather the best, because my mom takes me to the zoo every time! 


Vinci Chan at the 2018 River of Words Award Ceremony at Saint Mary's College of California: April 29th, 2018.