Students Pick Up Leadership Skills - Lasallian-Style

Lasallian Student Leaders 2013

More than 200 student leaders from high schools throughout the Western United States took Saint Mary’s College by storm July 14-19, 2013, to take part in the annual Lasallian Student Leaders program.

The program helps students from Lasallian high schools develop the skills to become effective, mission-centered leaders in their schools. Under the tutelage of older Lasallian leaders, including Heather Ruple, the director of Lasallian Student Programs for the District of San Francisco, they quickly absorbed skills in public speaking and program development.

And they put their new skills to use right away. In just four days, they pulled together a rally, a Lasallian Olympics event, a banquet, an awards ceremony and a dance celebration.

Student leaders on day two - already friends.This was the first Lasallian Student Leaders program under the recently expanded Christian Brothers District of San Francisco New Orleans, so students brought their energy and ideas to Saint Mary’s from schools as far-flung as New Orleans and Seattle.

Here’s what some of the students said about the experience:

“I’m learning better strategies for leadership. Because we’ve only got a small amount of time to produce something, it puts more pressure on you, so then you’re better in those kinds of situations.”
Christine Goins – Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory School, San Francisco

“What really struck me were the prayer services. I can’t wait to bring that to my school.”
Burke Irwin, St. Paul School, Los Angeles

Alex Catanach, Kayla Romero and Andrea Padilla from St. Louis HS in Santa Fe “I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, and I’ve already been pushed to do that. Plus, it’s always nice to get fresh, new ideas. We brought home an idea from Yakima last year to sell locally produced apples to raise money for student aid, and we’ve raised $84,000!”
M-Kaila Karczay, La Salle Catholic College Prep in Milwaukee, Oregon

“I never knew we were all so connected. Now I realize that we’re all part of an international Lasallian family.”
Conor Williams, LaSalle High School, Pasadena

“I love all the energy. Everbody’s so positive. I feel like I’ve been around these people forever. Class time is fun, but when everybody’s together, it’s just like a big ball of energy!”
Rose Gilmore, De La Salle North Catholic High School, Portland, Oregon

Teresa Castle
Office of College Communications

Photos by Abel Gutierrez and Teresa Castle

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