IEW Photo Contest Winners

We received 36 photo submissions from the SMC Community (Faculty, Staff, and Students). Please see the winner and honorable mentions below!

2016 IEW Photo Contest Winner


Xueer Chen, Student
Location: Monschau, Germany

Autumn's coming to this small old border town of Germany and France - Monschau.


Honorable Mentions


Hanna English, Student
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Photo taken in Brisbane, Australia June 2016



Marlina Barnett-Crespo, Student
Location: Chefchoan, Morocco

Going to Morocco has been my dream destination to travel for years. The culture, food, interaction with the people, and the beautiful architecture all enticed me. Getting the chance to visit Chefchoan, Morocco is something I will never forget. Each corner I turned was something new to see and learn, which made leaving the hardest part I have ever had to do.