Summer Work by College Committee on Inclusive Excellence

The College Committee on Inclusive Excellence (CCIE) has met several times this summer. We want to take this opportunity to update you on our work:

• We participated in a two-day workshop to gain familiarity with the Organization Developmental Model of Inclusion, which will help us in our work ahead.

• The more than 100 faculty and staff who volunteered to help have been organized into groups of CCIE "partners" and have been contacted by a committee member. Some of the workgroups have begun meeting, others will do so in the fall or spring.

• We are developing a vision statement for "inclusive excellence" at Saint Mary's College. We are also preparing a report to explain its importance and why inclusive excellence is consistent with, and is in fact required by, the College's mission.

• We are analyzing data from the campus climate survey and preparing a report for review by the campus in the fall.

• We have reviewed and are clarifying response protocols for acts of intolerance on campus.

• We are helping to plan inclusive excellence modules for new faculty and staff orientations as well as the all-staff and all-faculty days in August.

• We are taking an inventory of the various diversity workshops that have already taken place on campus and are researching other possible workshops for faculty, staff and students over the next few years.

• We have developed and are updating an inclusive excellence web page where you can find notes of our meetings and other resources:

• We have launched a model intercultural dialogue program, led by Mary McCall and Faith Taylor, which will meet over a four-week period and will be based on discussion of Allan Johnson's Privilege, Power, and Difference. More than 30 people have signed up to participate.

We will continue to meet throughout the summer and will provide you with an update again in September.

Enjoy the rest of the summer,

Robert Bulman

Beth Dobkin