We're going to face big environmental problems when we graduate. What can we do while we’re still Saint Mary’s students? A lot!

Moving in this year?

Get information on how to Green Your Dorm Room.   

Project Green

Project Green is a student group on campus that focuses on making St. Mary's a more environmentally sustainable community. Learn more at our Facebook page.  Here's an article from the Collegian about living sustainably in the dorms today, as well as Four Easy Tips for living green!

Compute your Ecological footprint and your CO2 Emissions

Ecological footprints measure humanity's demands on nature. Everything we do has consequences. Find out your ecological footprint and you find out what you can do to make things better.

CO2 Emissions

Use this Personal Emissions Calculator to obtain an estimate of your personal greenhouse gas emissions or your family’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Green Living Learning Community

Sophomore students dedicated to the green lifestyle have their own housing in Claeys South, adjacent to the legacy garden.  There, students are the forerunners to trying new green initiatives to be relayed to the campus.  The students of the Green Living Learning Community serve as the models of green living for the campus overall.  To find more information about the Green Living Learning Community at St. Mary's, click here.

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