Solar Trailers

Solar energy is on campus - providing exterior lighting at night and charging electric vehicles!

Solar at AssumptionFor the next three years, Saint Mary's College has contracted with DC Solar Freedom to provide 6 mobile solar generators to our campus. At no cost to the college, these solar generators consist of two solar panels, backup biodiesel generator and battery, providing exterior lighting or electric vehicle charging capabilities.

The use of solar for these two purposes will reduce our energy usage, provide better services to our staff and students and save utility and fuel costs going forward. Three of the six solar generators will be used for exterior lighting, predominantly in locations that current diesel-operated lighting towers are used. The other three solar generators will help the current 44 registered electric vehicles charge while at campus.

The mobile solar generators’ locations were determined though the consultation of multiple stakeholders on campus and were chosen to maximize solar gain, illuminate dark campus areas, and provide equitable access across the campus.

Should you have further questions about the solar mobile generators or the college’s partnership with DC Solar Freedom, please contact Ann Drevno at

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