Sustainability & Student Life

At Saint Mary's College, our students work along experts in their fields to educate all on sustainable issues. Below are the ways students can engage in meaningful work at SMC.

green gaels

Get involved and become a Green Gael

There are many opportunities including our student club, waste-defense team, eco-reps, food recovery network, move-in/out and more! - fill out this 1 minute form to start.

Green Living Certified

Earn prizes (including reusable water bottles, organic canvas shopping bags and gift cards) by becoming a Green Gael. Take the short quiz found here to become certified and to learn more on being a green gael.

What's happening with sustainability on campus?

Our Saint Mary's Green Gaels is a student-led group that helps teach appropriate sustainability initiatives across campus while providing programmatic support to other student groups on campus. They are the face and voice of sustainability as we continue to evolve in our efforts. Those interested should fill out this form for more information.

Our SMC Sustainability team is a student group on campus that focuses on making Saint Mary's a more sustainable community. To stay up to date, please follow us at our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages.