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Saint Mary's College partners with several Bary Area organizations that are dedicated to local sustainability and environmental efforts. Please download the attached pdf below for our list of partners and contacts.

Additionally, there are countless groups engaged in promoting sustainability in various ways. Find some of them here:

Government Agencies & Local Groups


Other Related Sites

Networking Groups

Sustainability in Higher Education Websites



Sustainability in Higher Education

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Gladwell, Malcolm----How ideas are absorbed into society

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2. Blink (2007)

Diamond, Jared

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2. Collapse (2005) ----why past societies dissolved due to environmental pressures

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1. Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge----- an appeal to interdisciplinarity

2. The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth----- why the missions within religion and science should mesh

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Business approach to sustainability:

The following books address the fact that companies need to be concerned with the triple bottom line and that sustainability principles will be both profitable economically and environmentally.

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