Swain Welcomes New Class of Business Students

SwainThe latest class of Saint Mary’s graduate business students was introduced to the Lasallian mission behind the vision of the School of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA) -- “Think Globally. Lead Responsibly”-- as a part of new student orientation.

Vice President for Mission Carole Swain led a discussion with the new SEBA students, speaking on the Catholic, Lasallian and liberal arts traditions that distinguish Saint Mary’s SEBA programs. Lasallian hallmarks such as social justice and intellectual curiosity were central to the conversation.

Swain also spoke about the opportunity the new SEBA students have ahead of them. “For whatever reason you are here,” she said, “you have to opportunity to leave having developed your innate gifts and talents—having become a more whole, complete person.” SEBA's mission -- the development of leaders who are committed to global and responsible perspectives -- was at the core of the discussion.   star

Talena Hastings of Saint Mary’s Hybrid Executive MBA program was one of over 50 students at the new student orientation. A project manager for the Swiss healthcare company Novartis, Hastings said Saint Mary’s reputation and values influenced her decision to enroll. “We make vaccines and drugs for all markets. Our vision is to improve lives,” she said, adding that Lasallian values and the vision of her company “go hand in hand.”