Faculty experts

NYTimes Interviews Sociology's Robert Bulman About TV Depictions of Teachers

New York TimesThe New York Times prominently features several quotes from Sociology Professor Robert Bulman in the story "Why Teachers on TV Have to be Incompetent of Inspiring." The article references the Saint Mary's professor as an authority on the subject

The Tidings Interviews Brother Charles Hilken About Reagan Library Vatican Exhibit

Logo of The Tidings of the LA Diocesan newspaper.The Tidings, the newspaper of the Los Angeles diocese, interviewed Brother Charles Hilken about the Vatican Splendors exhibition at the Reagan Library.

New York Times Cites Invasive Species Research by Biology's Michael Marchetti

New York TimesA New York Times story examining the real, and perceived, threats to the environment from invasive species references the research of Fletcher Jones Professor of Biology, Michael Marchetti.

Contra Costa Times Features Op-Ed by Steve Woolpert on 'Borking' Supreme Court Nominees

Contra Costa TimesThe Contra Costa Times carried an insightful op-ed by Politics Professor Steve Woolpert on the precedents for Republicans blocking Obama's Supreme Court

KCBS, Prof. Steve Woolpert Discuss Obama’s Supreme Court Options

KCBS News Radio logoPolitics Professor Steve Woolpert was interviewed by KCBS reporter Doug Sovern about President Obama’s options in nominating a successor to the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin

Diverse Issues In Higher Ed Profiles KSOE Lecturer Zaretta Hammond

Diverse Issues in Higher Education logoDiverse Issues In Higher Education spotlighted the experience and comments of KSOE Lecturer Zaretta Hammond in the story “Expert Says Diverse Students Subjected to Intellectu

SF Chronicle Asks Politics' Steve Woolpert How Justice Scalia's Death Impacts Presidential Race

San Francisco Chronicle logoThe San Francisco Chronicle interviewed Politics Professor Steve Woolpert about the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

KGO News Interviews SEBA’s Rebecca Carroll About Marijuana Investment Summit

KGO News Radio LogoKGO News Radio spoke with Saint Mary’s Professor Rebecca Carroll about an upcoming marijuana investment summit in San Franciso.

Qatar News Outlet Covers KSOE's Kathy Perez at Doha Education Conference

Gulf Times logoThe Gulf Times newspaper, an English language news outlet based in Doha, reported on KSOE Professor Kathy Perez’s presentation at Aspire For Education II, an international academic conference in Qatar's capital city.