graduate student reading series

2015-2016 Graduate Student Reading Series

Fall Readings
Wednesday, November 4th 2015, 7:30-9:00  

Hagerty Lounge

Elizabeth Lasiter (Creative NonFiction), Raina Leon (Poetry), Andrew Hamilton (Fiction), Kevin Peters (Poetry), and William Spongberg (Fiction)


Wednesday, November 18th 2015, 7:30-9:00

Hagerty Lounge

Abbigail Baldys (Poetry), Robyn Buller (Creative NonFiction), Alice MaCall (Fiction), Jacob Minasian (Poetry), and Elizabeth Montoya (Fiction)


Spring Readings
Wednesday, March 16th 2016, 7:30-9:00

Hagerty Lounge

Joanne Furio (Creative NonFiction), Nestor Gomez (Poetry), James Duran (Fiction), and Arielle Schussler (Fiction)

Wednesday, April 6th 2016, 7:30-9:00

Hagerty Lounge

Marlene Decker (Poetry), Felicia Dewald (Fiction), Kelly Egan (Poetry), Tiffany Jimenez (Fiction), and Jonathan Steinberg (Creative NonFiction)


Special thanks to Andrew Hamilton, our Graduate Student Reading Series host for the 2015-2016 year.

Second-year MFA candidates read before they graduate.
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