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Turkish News Outlet Taps Politics' Hisham Ahmed For Insight On Hamas

Today's Zaman, a daily Turkish newspaper and news website, interviewed Politics Professor Hisham Ahmed about the strategy of Hamas, the Palestinian political group ruling Gaza, to shore up frosty relations with Iran (a former ally that Hamas broke with over support for the Syrian regime), now that its other key resource supplier—Egypt—is in turmoil.

Op-Ed about Syria by SMC's Hisham Ahmed featured In Palestine Chronicle

The Palestine Chronicle, an online news magazine and journal about Palestine, Israel, the Arab world, Middle East and international affairs, published a lengthy opinion piece about Syria by Saint Mary's politics professor Hisham Ahmed. "Syria's Uprising and the International Community," a 1,693-word op-ed by Ahmed chronicles the rise of Syria's leader Bashar Al-Assad and argues for an Arab solution, rather than Western intervention, to bring an end to Assad’s reign of terror on his own people. 

KQED's Forum Taps SMC's Hisham Ahmed on Syria's Future

KQED's Forum featured SMC's Politics Professor Hisham Ahmed in a discussion about the future of Syria. Ahmed, who specializes in Middle East politics says that "of all the Arab regimes that have been toppled since the start of the Arab Spring last year, Syria’s Assad regime is the most dangerous."  Listen to the KQED Forum show on the future of Syria with Prof. Hisham Ahmed.

Voice of Russia Speaks With Politics' Hisham Ahmed About Downed U.S. Drone In Iran

Professor Hisham Ahmed weighed in on the downing of a U.S. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) while flying over Iran last week. The Middle East Politics professor was interviewed by the American edition of the Voice of Russia about whether the United States was in violation of international laws.

NBC Bay Area News Gets Insight on Egypt's Future From Politics Professor Hisham Ahmed

NBC Bay Area News recently interviewed Politics Professor Hisham Ahmed about the future of Egypt as the Middle East nation held its first election since the revolution that toppled former President Hosni Mubarak.

Voice of Russia Interviews Politics Prof. Hisham Ahmed About Iran's Nuclear Threat

Iran appears to have mastered the necessary steps to a build a nuclear weapon, according to intelligence briefings made to United Nations nuclear officials.  Politics professor Hisham Ahmed was interviewed by the American edition of the Voice of Russia (VOR) about Iran’s nuclear weapons program and the possibility of an attack on Iran by Israel.  The Washington DC based American-VOR has recently turned to several Saint Mary's professors for insight on international news issues.

Faculty Profile: Hisham Ahmed

By Richard C. Paddock