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Selective List of Websites Relating to Rich Media and Learning Materials

To discover some of the media rich learning materials created in your field, explore the websites listed below.  MERLOT is an outstanding place to start!


Interested in alternatives to the traditional paper text? Explore this resource site---a collection of all EDUCAUSE resources related to e-textbooks.

MERLOT-Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching-is a free and open access communited providing resources designed for faculty, staf and students of higher education to share their learning materials and pedagogy. Ability to browse by discipline, learning materials, etc. Also useful, MERLOT Pedagogy Portal at

CUNY Academic Commons is an outstanding site proving links to academic level rich media resources on the Web.

The CCNMTL endeavors to "enhance teaching and learning through the puposeful use of new media and technology."


Provides information relating to accessiblity and technology in education. Also useful, is a link to the National Center for Accessible Media Tools and Guidelines document.

Provides open access audio and video lectures primarily in the sciences and medicine.

Open access educational repository site. Content includes learning objects, modules and more covering a multitude of disciplines.
H-STAR, the Human-Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute, is a Stanford University interdisciplinary research center focusing on a wide range of issues relating to people and technology.

The site provides a digital library of web-based learning resouces developed by faculty from the Wisconsin Technical College System.
BOX OF TRICKS: Education and Technology Resources
Over 200 links to websites, videos, apps, and other resources for education.
Video: How Interactivity and Rich Media Change Teaching and Learning. Provides an overview on the evolution and impact of technology and videos in K-12 education.



The Internet provides a wealth of information and links on using technology---specifically rich media---to engage students and enhance learning in higher education.  
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What is Rich Media?

Rich media is digital, dynamic, and interactive.  It can include streaming videos and lectures, audios, flash animation, 3D objects, edu-games, widgets, and simulations.  For learning materials such as textbooks, it can also incorporate interactive exercises and tests, homework assignments, as well as links to academic level library resources, current research papers and journal articles.

Rich media involves dynamic motion that can be user initiated and controlled such as a prerecorded webcast coupled with a synchronized slide show; or dynamic motion occurring over time like streaming video newscasts (  Rich media can be downloaded or embedded within a web page, electronic textbook, or other learning materials.

The concept of media rich electronic materials offers interesting and evolving opportunities for teaching and learning.  Well designed, interactive media rich materials:

  • May be more student-centered
  • May be more engaging for digital natives
  • May facilitate knowledge acquisition and retention
  • May facilitate consturctivist/inquiry-based learning
  • May provide instant feedback

Can you think of other ways media rich materials might enhance the student learning experience?

The creation and use of rich media materials such as e-textbooks as a learning tool is growing. According to the 2011 Pew Internet Digital Revolution and Higher Education report, "textbooks used by college students are becoming increasingly high-tech."  Nearly "two-thirds of college presidents (62%) inticipate that 10 years from now, more than half of the texbooks used by their students will be entirely digital.  Among the leaders of four-year private colleges, 60% say that 10 years from now more than half of the texbooks used by their students will be entirely digital." (p. 15)


What is rich media and what are the advantages of using it as an educational tool to create effective learning materials?
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