Ron Olowin

Catholic News Service Taps Ron Olowin for Insight on Cosmic Inflation

Ron OlowinThe Catholic News Service interviewed Astronomy Professor Ron Olowin about new evidence supporting the theory of Cosmic Inflation — a period of rapid expansion that occurred a fraction of a second after the Big Ban.

SMC's Ron Olowin Offers Insight on Comet ISON's Fate with Lamorinda Weekly

Ron Olowin interviewed by the Lamorinda Weekly about Comet ISONThe Lamorinda Weekly, the free newspaper serving the East Bay communities of Lafayette, Orinda and Moraga, interviewed Saint Mary's astronomy and physics professor Ron Olowin

Faculty Profile: Ron Olowin

By John Grennan
Photography by Toby Burdett

Star Professor

Astrophysics professor Ron Olowin.