Summer 2009

Ext. Former US Embassy — Tehran — Night — Dream Sequence

By Nima Najafi-Kianfar

There is a building whose guards are doors,
men pressed into wood years ago;
they cannot open or close themselves.
Uniforms splinter what Iran calls their
a surface that cannot tolerate any more

Parcels of ash
rain on cloudless days
when things
are dreams.

Feel floors of red
promenades; faith twitching limbs
inched distances
finding refuge in
dollar-veiled walls.


By Lysley Tenorio
Illustration by Brynn Metheney

An excerpt from the short story by Lysley Tenorio, associate professor of English and winner of a prestigious 2008 Whiting Writers’ Award.

Leaving a Positive Imprint

By Erin Hallissy
Photograph by Toby Burditt

Aussies bring no worries, mate, to Gaels basketball

A Global Mission

Saint Mary’s editor Erin Hallissy talked recently to Brother Dominic Berardelli about the Christian Brothers’ expanding presence throughout the world

Brother Andrei Silva with student in Brazil.

Bridging Cultural Gaps

By Tanya Schevitz
Portraits by Thomas Vo

Trans-Global Executive MBA Gives Students Real-life Lessons

Shannon Eng, International Program Assistant, UCSF: A visit to a business park in Slovenia brought unexpected insights.

In Memoriam

Brother Michael Quinn ’47, the 25th president of Saint Mary’s and a psychology professor, died on March 15. He was 86.

Reuniting for the First Time

By Courtney Carmignani ’05 ML ’07
Photography by Allyson Wiley ’02

Craig McHugh ’80 at Helm of Leading Tech Company

By John Grennan

Craig McHugh '80.

Traveling from San Francisco to Singapore several times a year, Craig McHugh ’80, president of Creative Labs, breaks up the 18-hour flight by donning headphones and listening to tunes on his MP3 player.

Dinner in Manila

By Caitlin Graveson ’11

Filipino Alumni Join Forces to Stay Connected

Perry and Joyce Aragon and Brother Dominic.

From Down Under, and All Over

By Caitlin Graveson ’11

(left to right) Maija Lahde, Marah Calvo, Henrik Holm and Achim Christner.