Tammy Appling-Cabading receives CILSA engaged staff award

Tammy Appling-CabadingOn Monday, February 17, 2014 CILSA celebrated its fifth annual CILSA Awards Dinner. Awards were given to a Saint Mary's staff member, faculty member, community partner, alumni and student. This story highlights Tammy Appling-Cabading who received the CILSA Engaged Staff Award.

Tammy is the Manager of Marketing and Admissions in Saint Mary’s Leadership Studies Programs.  The colleague who nominated Tammy says…”If a person could be nominated just for the way her life and actions impact others…Tammy would a standout….what she does beyond her role as a mother of two sons and a staff member at Saint Mary’s College is truly amazing.”  And here a few of examples.

In April 2010, Tammy got involved with a program called, “Hiking to Prevent Homelessness” to raise funds for an organization in Contra Costa County known as Shelter, Inc.  This meant she trained for months to prepare for hiking across the Grand Canyon to raise funds for the group.  She has continued her support of the organization by serving on its Board of Directors. 

Tammy is also involved with MOMS…which stands for Maximizing Opportunities for Mothers to Succeed.  This is program of the Alameda County Sheriff and Oakland Housing Authority in which a small group of alumni from the Masters in Leadership program volunteer their time to teach weekly leadership classes to women transitioning from incarceration.  Through the course, these women learn how to apply life skills and leadership skills in their daily lives.  One co-participant notes, “Tammy took a lead role in the first year to create our teaching team, co-coordinating with the Sheriff’s Office and the case workers.  She carried a lot of energy to make it happen.”

Tammy is also a good citizen to the college as she has served on the Social Justice Coordinating committee. 

Her colleague closes by saying that the Lasallian principle of concern for the poor and social justice is where Tammy’s heart shines the brightest.  In 2006, she was a woman going through big transitions in her life.  In redefining her life at that time, she had a vision of delivering human rights.  She starts with those who have the least in our society…those who are homeless or incarcerated…and brings steady, determines presence and love.