Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

The TESOL Program at Saint Mary’s College Kalmanovitz School of Education has a mission to prepare teachers who support and promote school and social responsiveness to the unique needs of second language learners of English both in the United States and worldwide. *(The TESOL program is currently in a period of transition and is not accepting new applications)

Saint Mary’s offers a superior educational experience with highly qualified professors who have significant years of experience in teaching English to speakers of other languages. They use a combination of research and practice with the goal of educational improvement, respect for diversity, and the recognition of individual language rights.

Students in Classroom

The TESOL Program is designed to meet the needs of three distinct professionals:

  • Individuals who desire to teach English abroad or teach adult immigrants can earn a TESOL Certificate, and if desired, continue to the Master of Arts in TESOL.
  • Individuals pursuing a Master of Arts Degree in TESOL can teach either abroad or in the U.S., possibly in an institution of higher learning (IHE), such as a community college, college or university.
  • Candidates in pre-service credential programs or credentialed teachers who recognize the need to enhance their knowledge and improve their skills for educating English language learners in K-12 settings can earn a Supplementary TESOL Certificate and these same individuals can choose to matriculate to the Master of Arts Degree in TESOL.
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