The All New Faculty EdTech Center - Discover, Share and Be Inspired

Faculty Tech Camp - E Tywoniak presentingWelcome to the 2015-16 academic year!  In IT Services, the summer has been busy, and among the most exciting outcomes is an increased focus -- along with some centrally located space -- that will help us to achieve our primary mission in support of teaching, learning and scholarship.

You likely were aware that a remodel has been taking place in Saint Albert Hall, home of the library, but you may not be aware of the existence or intent of the Faculty EdTech Center, which is located in the former computer lab on the first floor at the right of the foyer, with an entrance through the Tech Bar.

Before we cause any concern, please know that the library remodel increased the number of seats available for students in the library, and moreover, that the number of computers available remains the same (at 31), with locations on all three floors.  Further, we are working with the library staff to find ways to increase the IT "footprint" for students in the library without causing any harm to the library mission and we remain optimistic that we can do so.

Alongside the improvements for students, we are excited about the enhanced service to faculty that the EdTech Center represents.  You can enter this space from the Tech Bar and find a a growing quantity of resources as it has been designed for multiple purposes, but primarily as a flexible space, with tables and chairs on wheels, interactive whiteboards and various displays for presentations.  The EdTech Center will also include standard classroom teacher stations ready for you to use in practice so you can feel comfortable with the technology in preparation for actual classroom use.

We will be working very closely with the Educational Technology Group and Faculty Development during fall term (and beyond) to gather input from faculty as to the kinds of resources and events that would be most helpful and appreciated, so we hope you will stop in and help us by sharing your thoughts and perspective.  Please also stay tuned as we will be hosting a second round of faculty focus groups on classroom technology wherein we will invite all faculty to share ideas, needs and interests that can lead to development of specific offerings in this new space.  Keep an eye out for future announcements and emails inviting you to participate.

Hours of operation are M-F 10:00am to 4:00p.m. All SMC faculty are welcome!