The Animist

That amber would turn
on fossil was obvious
thought I from an income
concussion across proper channels;

looking down silken inlets, I found
a law to the worsening dream:
a matter of timing
scattered tightly into vast blanks
that became seams.

That wakefulness would bound
past instruction,
leaving us to act the restless,
decadent courier

dusting hindsight wise for the buried
that a surface, what
we cut up, sprouts half the time
this is taking

Paul Ebenkamp, MFA ’09, lives in Berkeley and works as a writer, editor, teacher and academic coordinator. Editorial works include Song of Myself: Selected Poems and a Lexicon of Walt Whitman (Counterpoint Press; co-edited with Robert Hass), Writing the Silences: Selected Poems of Richard O. Moore (UC Press; co-edited with Brenda Hillman) and The Etiquette of Freedom: Gary Snyder and the Practice of the Wild (Counterpoint Press). Poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Try!, RealPoetik, The Walrus and Mrs. Maybe.