The Artist's Life

It’s dark outside on winter mornings, as sophomore Harmony Negrin — dancer, harpist, yoga enthusiast, dance team member for the basketball team, problem solver at the library — knows firsthand. She’s up early to get to her 7:30 job in computer technology services at the Saint Mary’s library. With a name like Harmony it might seem inevitable that this young woman, the first in her family to go to college, would be a music lover. Sure enough, she’s played the harp since she was five and danced since she was 12. By 10:30, Harmony takes advantage of a free period to practice the harp. "My schedule is so full, I practice whenever I can," she says. Early afternoon study, work on a paper and catch up with friends. By 3:30 she’s relishing her music and performance class. And by 5:30 she’s at yoga or dance. "When I came to Saint Mary’s I had the dancer mentality, thinking I’d always be sore and tired. Dance is much healthier here at Saint Mary’s. My body is getting stronger instead of breaking down." And what keeps her going through these long days? "The emotion and expressiveness of dance."