The Diaper for a Better Future

Date & Time:
Tuesday, February 16, 2021 - 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Jason Graham-Nye is the co-founder & CEO of gDiapers (, the diaper for a better future.  Jason has had a circuitous route to the Executive Suite of a diaper company with B Corp certification. The overarching theme of his work has to been to find a path that made meaning and money. Graduating from Newcastle University, he started his career with Nomura Securities in Tokyo as an Equity broker, making tremendous money but not a lot of meaning. Some would say morally bankrupting him. He returned to his native Australia to teach Japanese at high school. This was very meaningful work but alas, it nearly did bankrupt him financially. Around that time he met his future wife and together they went dating 200 times. They co-authored two dating guidebooks to Australia that morphed into “2’s Company” Boutique Event Management, where they organized once in a lifetime romantic events for clients. A lot of fun but not a huge amount of meaning. With all the romance, a wedding and babies were inevitable. And with babies came the question of which diapers to use. Once they learned that one disposable diaper takes 500 years to biodegrade, and that it takes a cup of oil to make each diaper, they were on a mission to find an alternative. They happened upon a flushable, compostable diaper  technology from Tasmania, licensed the rights to the rest of the world outside of Australia & NZ, packed up the house, 2 year old son (with one in the oven) and moved 10,000 miles to Portland, Oregon to launch gDiapers. That was 2004. Ten years later they moved home to Sydney to be close to family as they raise their sons and continue to run the company. In 2020 they launched a second innovation, a Waste to Energy nappy service solution called gCycle ( The journey continues! Jason is passionate about disruptive innovation in product design, company culture and the Circular Economy.

This event will be moderated by Professor Michal Strahelivitz and will be offered in conjunction with her Global Marketing class.


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