The First Year Olympics

By now it's no secret that Assumption-Sienna interrupted a three-year Mitty winning streak last year to take home Olympic gold from the 2011 First Year Olympics. Who will bring home the gold this year?

Rec Sports can't wait for Labor Day, (Monday, Sept. 3, 2012) to see who will bring home the gold. R.A.s will have an official First Year Olympics shirt for every member of your residence hall. Everyone meets on the turf field at 12 noon for the opening ceremonies...and in these games, everyone plays and sportsmanship and team spirit count.

Labor Day
Monday, Sept. 3,  Noon

  Home Score Away Location Venue
1:00pm Assu-Sienna vs Mitty Soccer Turf
1:00pm De La Salle vs Justin Dodge Madigan
1:00pm Augustine vs Aquinas Football Turf
1:45pm Justin vs Mitty Volleyball Stadium
1:45pm Aquinas vs De La Salle Soccer Turf
1:45pm Assu-Sienna vs Augustine Dodge Madigan
2:30pm Aquinas vs Assu-Sienna Volleyball Stadium
2:30pm Mitty vs De La Salle Football Turf
2:30pm Augustine vs Justin Soccer Tuf
3:15pm Justin vs Assu-Sienna Football Turf
3:15pm De La Salle vs Augustine Volleyball Stadium
3:15pm Aquinas vs Mitty Dodge Madigan