Degree Requirements and Careers

The Integral Program requires successful completion of the eight seminars, eight mathematics tutorials, eight language tutorials, 4 laboratories, music tutorial and senior essay. It prepares you for any career you please to pursue.

Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Liberal Arts

Each Integral course is a prerequisite for later courses, making it impossible to join the Program later than freshman year. In extraordinary cases a remedial course in January Term may be taken to allow a freshman to enter the Program in February.

Some Integral students pursue an additional major or minor, which must be chosen from a limited selection of programs and usually requires carrying more than a 4 -course load. Integral students usually begin pre-professional studies after graduation.

What can you do after after graduation?

Integral students have the ability and the confidence to think clearly, incisively and creatively, work independently, read carefully and analytically, and express themselves coherently. They're versed in a wide range of literary and technical topics, and are at home in fields involving language, mathematics, science and more. The Program's unique educational experience results in a strong foundation for graduate work and professional careers. Our graduates are successful in a broad spectrum of occupations, including business, medicine, education, law and any other vocation that values careful thinking and powerful discourse.