The Long March

2012 National Finalist

The Long March

Almost at dusk
in my room, concentrating
on something important-
a finer point of the War of 1812, I think,
really concentrating,
it hits me
unbidden and unwelcome
on my upper cheek
interrupting my view
creating a piercing glare.

Flinching, annoyed
at its sneaky guerilla tactic
as the beam travels
around the side of my face
causes my eyes to instinctively narrow
warms my skin
I hear it

“You are my sunshine.”
You sang it over
and over
that time we traipsed
around the seemingly endless pond
bare shins fighting the tall grasses lining the shore
wildflowers with hidden bee mines
my little-sister
hand in yours

Trusting you to navigate
while golden rays
kissed my face.
And I burst into a smile
as I march to Detroit.


Annie Merrill, age 15
Old Greenwich, Connecticut

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